Photo Video Montages

Life is so full of wonderful memories and over time, many folks have countless photos and video clips.  When wanting to create a montage of your precious memories, a montage is a great way to do so.  Whether it’s for personal use or to be shown at an event, we can create a fun, emotionally-driven photo montage of your most amazing moments.

From happy moments to reliving days gone past, your montage is a direct reflection of your ideas; choice of music (we properly license all songs), customized movement in the video, and much more are included.  On online preview is also provided.

Final delivery for all montages include the following:
— Digital download of final photo / video montage
— Download of all digitized photos that were included in the montage
— 2 DVD/Blu-Ray videos; menu-driven with custom cases/packaging

Lead-time can be as little as 48 hours but the preferred time allocation is as short as about 3 weeks.

For detailed information on costs or customized projects please contact us.


Many of our clients opt for having their montage video projected at their event. We can do this if you’d like and as far as equipment and screen sizes, we have screens that range from 60″ up to 120″in size, the larger being ideal for big crowds and venues.

Our services are all-inclusive, in that the projection equipment, cables, speaker system, and so forth are all included.  Audio is driven through a concert-series Bose audio system and all montages are shown in HD.

The cost depends on what you would actually require and does get discounted when bundled with 100+ photos and/or our event video services.