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We keep things simple!  There’s no crazy package names or a la carte for everything.  Instead, our rates are based on an all-inclusive hourly rate. This allows us to provide you the very best of our services with no limitations on what can be achieved in filming, production, and final delivery. This ultimately provides you and all of our clients with the highest level of service and most comprehensive event video.

You are guaranteed specific minimums with each contract and there is no cap on what can be included. Read on for more detailed information. The two primary decisions someone needs to decide really comes down to day-of coverage and delivery format.  Other than that, everyone receives the highest level product achievable.

All services are fully customized to your event. All-inclusive coverage starts at only $2695 for 5 hours and $375 additional if you have a mock service the week prior, To learn more about our rates, please contact us.

The Details

Whatever it takes to best document your event will be achieved and whatever can be created will be provided.  It really is that simple.

Ultimately, we feel that packages are too restrictive as every Bar or Bat-Mitzvah is so drastically different, and by offering an all-inclusive hourly rate, you will receive the very best of our services for the time you would like us to film.

Rates start at $2695 for 5-hours, inclusive.  If your service is earlier in the day with a break in between or held on a different day, we can provide a customized quote.

What Is Included?

Partially dependent upon requested coverage and event flow, you will receive the following:

Movie Trailer (average 1-2 minutes)
Feature Film (average about 3-6 minutes)
Maftir, Havdallah, Torah Reading – 1-camera setup, entire service is included
Vignette of Your Cocktail Hour (a 2-4 minutes highlight, set to music, that shows your guests conversing, location details, etc.)
Reception – full coverage and edit of your party!


Common Options / Upgrades:
4K production + delivery
Additional filmmakers
Photo Montages / projection services
Digital delivery / digital download


You may not know it, but you’ll want to cherish your video for not only now, but years down the road during your journey of life.

You’ll receive 3 copies of your video in both DVD and Blu-Ray, in custom-wrapped cases, tailored to your event.  No two events are ever the same, nor should your video, and everything we do is unique to all of our clients.

For digital delivery, included is a custom-branded usb drive and case that includes your video, formatted for both your smartphone or tablet as well as viewing and sharing online.

*Default delivery is your choice of either the dvd/brd package or the digital delivery package.  A nominal fee will apply if you would like all of the options together.