Having traveled to over 40 states and nearly a dozen countries while documenting engagements and weddings, one of my most favorite places to photograph and film is at the Hyatt Regency in Cambridge, Maryland.  The staff is truly fantastic and the location is nothing short of gorgeous.  After countless hours that the staff at the Hyatt spent on helping Zack plan the perfect surprise engagement, it all came together on that Friday evening.  Rain or shine, it was a go, despite the forecast for thunderstorms!  But the weather held out and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

The stage was set.  The Regatta Pavillion was adorned with beautifully draped fabric, an amazing chandelier, and pink roses.  Zack was in position and while Lana was told that they were going to simply look at places for a wedding, she had no idea that she was practically entering into the beginning stages of what will then be her own wedding!

justengagedregatta pavillionregatta pavillion 2

Zack took a pink rose from the flower arrangement, a deep breath, and I could hear a bit of nervousness in his voice….and that’s a great thing!  (Wait until the engagement film is online, it’s gorgeous!)
So Lana walks up the steps, in shock…


And just like that, Zack and Lana got engaged.  A glass of champagne and we were off!

Over the next hour and through sundown. while racing against the incoming thunderstorms, the Hyatt staff and I took the newly-engaged couple around the hotel grounds.  From the marina to the beach and the pier to the infinity pool and grand fireplace to have smores, it was a fantastic time!



Hyatt Regency Cambridge, MD
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