The Courage to Speak Freely.

A large room with a blank stage.  Black curtains, no lights, just an empty canvas by which to create a viable space.  Someone to speak freely, uninterrupted, candid, and just simply to be real.

Often times, folks ask what I film. Typically, the response is about weddings. While that does make up a good part of the services I provide, in part because I more freely make those available online to view, I do a lot of other projects.  We have been in the process of filming a documentary of recovering addicts.  Young and old, black and white, men and women.  Everyone is the same as they have all had their struggles, yet, together, so many get through the challenges overcoming their lives.

It’s absolutely fascinating learning about other people’s struggles and challenges, and how open a complete stranger can be when at their absolute lowest and learning about how they have coped – and currently manage – to leave their ailments behind, looking towards a brighter and happier life ahead.

As we document more of these stories, if you – or someone you may know – need assistance with addictions, please let us know and we’ll send over information for the organization we are working with, which has locations nationwide.

Celebrate Recovery

The Courage to Speak Freely