Photography, Video, Content Creation

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Event Photography

If you have a company outing or event that you need photographed, we have the capacity to document everything for you.  We can accommodate events with up to four in-house photographers.

Product Photography
From a jewelry store who wants to showcase the clean cuts of a diamond, the intricacies of a handmade watch, food photography, and more, we can accommodate all of your needs.  If your project requires a ‘black space’ background, we have multiple backgrounds, white boxes, etc.

Commercial, Real Estate Photography
We are fully experienced and equipped with all real estate photography (and video); from a residential home to a large scale commercial complex.

Our staff is extremely proficient with step-and-repeat events.  In addition, we have the capacity to print photos on-site with our Print Lab.

Need photographic evidence for any legal matters?  No problem!  All of these projects can be time-stamped, deemed confidential, time delimited, and more.

If you have any other project or event, please contact us to discuss your needs.  Thank you!

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A video is nothing if not branded and marketed to its fullest potential. We offer these services, and more, to maximize the full effect of your project / event.

At Maverick Productions, we have a fleet of five professional drones that are capable of photographing and filming from a wide array of camera equipment.  We are certified and licensed by the FAA and have been flying for nearly twenty years.  All aerial coverage is available based on weather, location, safety protocols and feasibility.

For more information or rates, please contact us directly.

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Why Us?

With over 20 years servicing the commercial industry, we pride ourselves in knowing how to achieve the best results for our clients. It not only translates to our success, but it transcends upon our clients towards their successes. With services that span from photo and video production to graphic and web design, we can create and showcase what you require. Moreover, if social media and marketing is key, we are able to properly target your project to your prospective clients and more. Contact us today for more details.