Your Company Expects Results. We Deliver.


Have questions about how we can help you?  Contact us to start the process!  Email, text message, or phone, we are always available.

The first step is to determine your needs, whether that is via a phone call, communication by email, or an in-person meeting.


We listen to your needs.  We tailor our services to your goals, budget, and ambitions.  We plan a course of action that is best suited to achieve what you need in the most efficient time frame possible, and with a service unmatched in quality, efficiency, customer service and approachability, and effectiveness.


For all of our commercial / corporate services, we create a plan of execution by way of a storyboard.  Much like a chart or outline, the purpose is to allow our clients to understand the entire process and what gets accomplished at what point.  Ultimately, this creates an open line of communication throughout the entire service experience, allowing everyone to know what is taking place when and all expectations.


As your project gets completed, if the services apply to which you receive a preview – or a test phase – this is the next step in our 5-step process.  Noting any changes, ideas, recommendations, or otherwise, this step allows further customization to that of you and your project, coupled with our team collaborative creativity.


Now that your project is completed, how would you like it delivered?  Digital media?  Web download?  Private access?  If it is a digital marketing campaign, we provide statistical graphs to chart success, changes over time and other details.  Whatever your requirements, we can handle it.  Contact us for more details.

Some Words From Our Clients

Over 80,000 views of our video in just the first few days. We were shocked! Thanks again for your persistence and dedication to our project.

We hired Maverick Productions to create a complete marketing overhaul for our Company.  Our initial plan was to have testimonial videos but when discussing our long-term goals, we decided on branding everything under one larger project.  We were able to get a dozen separate videos, each showcasing our individual departments.  We tied this with a newly-branded website that incorporated the videos.  Your team was also a great help at promoting us via your social channels, garnering us several new clients in just a few short days.

Your videos were fantastic. The marketing department received them earlier than anticipated and was able to promote everything on schedule. Maverick Productions’ staff was great to work with, very professional, and the results went above and beyond.

Maverick Productions was hired to create a set of promotional videos for our Company that were scheduled to be released each quarter over a year’s time period. We collaborated for a few weeks, met with Marshall and one of his assistants, and drew up an outline that detailed the entire project and timelines. It was a great help and the final result was exactly what we needed. We would highly recommend Maverick Productions for any promotional projects or other professional video work.