Photo montages in BaltimorePhoto / Video Montages

We have created countless montages, anywhere from 30 photos to just over 2,000. With as little as 48 hours notice, we can create fully customized montages that can include your photos and video clips, and even customized messages, all edited to your music of choice. Prior to finalization, you also get to preview the video online to ensure your satisfaction.

Samples are available on our Gallery and Facebook Fan Page. All clients receive two personalized, custom DVD sets with a web-ready video for online sharing with friends and family.

The costs of montages depend entirely on the number of photos you have and for custom quotes please contact us.

Baltimore Photo Montage Projection VideosProjection Services

Many of our clients opt for having their montage video projected at their event. We can do this if you’d like and as far as equipment and screen sizes, we have screens that range from 60″ up to 120″in size, the larger being ideal for big crowds and venues. Our services are all-inclusive, in that the projection equipment, cables, speaker system, and so forth is all included.

The cost depends on what you would actually require and does get discounted when bundled with 100+ photos and/or our event video services.

Lead-time can be as little as 48 hours.

If you would like more info or a custom quote please contact us.

Big Screen Montage BaltimoreCustomization

All Photo Montages are completely customized to what you need. From the order of the photos and video clips to the music and effects, the montage is a direct representation of what you want, coupled with our talent. All photos are properly timed to your chosen music requests, and all photos are properly color-corrected, scaled, red-eye corrected, and more.

You also receive up to three online previews to ensure that the montage is to your liking.

Please email or call for more info – contact us.