Options, Upgrades

Same Day Edit Experience

*The most amazing way to showcase your wedding at the wedding! Available exclusively with our high-end services, the Same Day Edit Experience is a 3-5 minute highlight of your preparations, pre-ceremony, ceremony, and more, edited and shown during your reception, all the same day! Typically done as a surprise to the guests and most of the family, this is an amazing way to get a one-of-a-kind level of excitement at your wedding.

Extended Photo / Video Montages

*Productions of any photos and video clips you would like, edited into a fully customized and personal edit.

Rehearsal Coverage & Planning Documentaries

*We can film your rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, or other gathering. Projection of photo/video montages also available.

Engagement Documentaries

*How did you meet? How has it affected your friends and family? Recreate the engagement and turn it into a highly emotional journey and how it leads up to to the wedding. Multiple packages available based on client requests. All engagement documentaries are produced in High Definition.

Live-Feed Online Wedding Video Experience

*A great method to share your full wedding production, you can have the entire DVD re-authored and made available online for all of your friends and family. Packages include a free email blast, 12 months hosting and private email.

Event Video Websites

*We take your entire video and create a personalized, interactive website, and host the videos for an entire year.  It’s great for having friends and family from around the world view your event from a computer, tablet, or phone!

Projection Services & Short-Form Vignettes

*Projection services are available with screen selections from 50″ to 120″. When providing this service, we include everything necessary, including all cables, audio sources (speakers), DVD player, projector, screen, and so on.

Music / Concept Videos

*Want to be a star in your own music video? You, your fiance, friends, whomever you want, we create a highly sophisticated rendition to any song of choice. All music videos are produced in High Definition.

Hold The Date / Thank You DVD’s

*A personalized production consisting of just about any idea you can come up with, delivered on DVD to all of your attending guests.