Thanks for visiting!  Maverick Productions is comprised of a small team of dedicated filmmakers and business owners who are committed to pushing the industry and developing new ideas and concepts that not only better our craft of story-telling, but also our business and the relationships between us and our clients.

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Uncut responses from some of our clients/couples over the years. Each is exactly as given to us and referrals are always available upon request. Click the Image to read some of the wonderful thank-you’s by our happy clients.

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View our current list of Professional Associations in which we are active as well as a list of Recent Awards we have won for our many of our films.

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Meet Our Team!

Marshall Levy started Maverick Productions in 1995 as a way to express his creativity in technology, filmography, and distinct art. Having come from a diverse family background of musicians, artists, and business owners, it was only time until he started his own Company. His background is very broad, consisting of multiple degrees in Business Management, Marketing, and Business Law. In addition, he holds certifications in Electrical Engineering and Architectural Design and a handful of patents for various projects created over the years.  That aside, though, he always showed interest in creating things of any nature, whether it be a painting, writing a short story, composing a script, designing a one-of-a-kind product, or one of this many other ‘things’.

From 1998-2000, Marshall worked with The Walt Disney Company and Sony Pictures on several films, stage events, and plays. This inspired him to take MP full-time, which took place in May 1999. And, while many services are offered, such as social event and corporate productions, his Company’s Team focuses on  productions that evoke creativity, emotion, impact, and individuality.

STEVE, Audio Engineer
When an event poses very challenging audio recordation situations or for events that require projection of audio/video, such as Wedding Day Edits, Simulcasts, or Live Feeds, Steve is an amazing asset as his knowledge and quick-thinking is second-to-none, ensuring the very best outcome each and every time.

CLINT, Aerial Coverage
Accompanying Marshall on many projects, Clint is one of the newer members of the Team, working together when aerial coverage is required.  From photography to video, from up in the sky, we have your project covered!

MICHELLE, Marshall’s wife and business partner, Michelle brings a feminine touch to all of MP’s films. A former bride herself, she provides inspiration to each production ensuring an emotional journey of wonderful memories for each and every client. Michelle has been helping with filming and editing input since 2002 and her primary roles pertain to visual appeal and stylization for the videos during editing and post-production.

DIANE, Editing and Proofing, Marketing
With a keen eye, Diane’s primary responsibilities pertain to video preview and approval. Specifically, before any video gets delivered to a client, she sits down with Marshall and ensures that the final production creates the proper tone, impact, originality, and personalization of the client. With a multi-step process, nothing is completed without a full review and approval.

MATT, Filming, Production
Matt has been working with MP since 1999, and between then and now, he has developed an incredible one-of-a-kind style of filming. He accompanies Marshall on many events and is a significant asset to him, the Company, and to all of their clients. His eye for the unique and interesting can only be realized by his style of filming.

MONDAY, Filmmaker
Monday is awesome!  He’s a solid filmmaker and has helped our team since 2008.  From working with jibs/cranes and glidecams to aerial coverage and slow-motion, he’s top-notch.

LUKE, Filmmaker
Luke is one of our latest members of our Team, joining us late 2016.  He brings fresh ideas, a great personality, and amazing creativity when filming.